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High Speed Linear Weighers

Manufactured only by Ishida, these multihead weighers are configured in a linear format and are ideal for low target weight applications such as confectionery, nuts, dried soup ingredients and dehydrated vegetables. They offer a unique level of gentle product handling at high speeds and are an excellent solution for mix weighing of low target weights.

Key benefits:

  • Superior product handling of free-flowing products and ultra-low target weights (typically 5g to 50g)
  • Compact design with small footprint for factory space saving
  • Gentle product handling with minimal drop heights to maximise quality
  • High speed precision weighing with reduced product giveaway
  • Enclosed unit to contain dust, reduce the effect of external air flow and machine noise
  • Simpler in-feed designs for multi-mix configurations
Case study
Coppelia  (345.26 KB)
Poppies  (700.46 KB)
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